About Us

We Believe God Is Interested In People.

He is not disconnected from humanity in the way many may believe. God in the person of His Spirit is close, kind, encouraging, good and patient with us. God is a lot better to us than we may think. 


Our mission is the same mission to every believer and bible believing church that has ever been activated into faith since the inception of the church. It’s the Great Co-mission.

Matthew 28:18-20 (HCSB) 

18 Then Jesus came near and said to them, “All authority has been given to Me in  heaven and on earth. 19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”  


We didn’t call ourselves to this mission, we’ve been enlisted into this mission by obedience to the gospel. It is the gospel message that empowers the fulfillment of the mission. The message that sets us free to live free from sin and to follow Jesus, is the same message that empowers us to carry out the mission to make disciples of all nations. He is with us even to the end of the age. We have been co-missioned by the head of the Church, Jesus Himself to make disciples. We are free to follow Jesus and nothing can stop us!!! And there is nothing that can stop you!!! We would like to help.


God is using us at Rock Christian Assembly to carry out His mission in our region. I’m glad we’re not the only ones, but we are many that are bringing His life and light to people in our area. Our vision simply put is Grow, Build, and Reach

Things that grow are full of life. God has given us life. We honour our Creator by giving our lives back to Him. God has a design for growing properly on this earth, it is growing in His Love. Just as we see a natural progression of growth in the many things around us in our earth, we have some growing in understanding and 

experiencing a Creator that loves His Creation and has a destiny for us. We won’t get around it. God loves mankind. Who knows why, mankind is not often very loving of God. Our desire at Rock Christian Assembly is to grow in this love for God and in turn love people with the same type of love. It’s a love that is beyond emotion, though full of emotion. It is a love that grows us to maturity. Grow in Love.

Building is all about the work. We enjoy work that builds the kingdom of God. We are an active church that promotes, teaching, exhortation in the word, action towards obeying God and everything that exalts the name of Jesus. This is reflected in our worship services, our community service and blessing our region. We believe our service towards those around us is the rightful action accompanying our belief in the love God has for people. It’s part of our faith in  action. Our love for God and our belief in Him and His goodness motivates us to build for good. Build by faith.

I heard a minister say a time back and it stuck with me. “If it’s not working don’t export it.” Whatever God puts together works. This is the hope we wish to reach people with. Something that works. We continue to work the word in our lives and see what a life lived for God looks like. It looks much better than many lives we see around us. We live in a world that needs Jesus. Reach with hope.  

As we pursue Christ together we are being changed into a better picture of who He wants us to be. This is no small task. In fact, it takes a lifetime to master. This is our vision nonetheless. Come with us as we Grow, Build and Reach.

Rock christian assembly community

What To Expect

Be ready to feel welcomed by the Presence of God. Rock Christian Assembly is a group of people that love God and desire to have you feel how good He is.

What We Believe

We are all growing together in God. None of us has this worked out exactly how it should be yet but we in a process of developing in God and His character.



Rock Christian Assembly is a great place to be part of a growing, building reaching community of life givers. Our world needs to experience the best you, you can be. We can only be this type of people as we grow in Him, giving ourselves to Him and being in the community.


New Visitor?

Tell us about yourself and needs to begin your journey with connecting to our community.


The Lead Pastors of Rock Christian Assembly

Message from the PastorPastor’s Will and Dorothy Wiebe are the lead pastors of Rock Christian Assembly. They have been involved in serving the families of their communities for 30 yrs. Married young and having a passion for God and people has thrust them in this purpose. 

They were the youth leaders in Edrans Church, Edrans, MB in their early twenties with their young family. Then attended Bible school for 2 yrs. in Prince Albert, Sk., to return and start a Christian day school, Edrans Christian School, in 1997. Pastor Will and Dorothy served the church in the school for 11 yrs. The school still serves the church at Edrans to this day. 

In 2008, Pastor’s Will and Dorothy became the lead pastors of Edrans Church. After pastoring the church for 6 years they handed the church over to the leadership team of the church and ventured out to Saskatoon to follow the next step of what they felt God had for them. In Saskatoon, they became part of Faith Alive Family Church and within a few months came on staff as family pastors to the church and staff within the Christian school. As associate ministers and the “Family Guy” as coined at FAFC, they served the church for about 3 ½ years. They became close friends to many in Saskatoon. 

Saskatoon is where all their four, now grown children, found spouses and started families of their own. Pastor Will and Dorothy greatly love their growing children and grand-children. Life was a whirlwind in Saskatoon as they experienced 4 weddings in 3 years and children’s children close behind. At present the total is 6 grand-children and two more on the way for the fall. Knowing all their children were serving God and doing well within a local church gave them the confidence to know they could step into some of the next seasons for them. Leaving their children in Saskatoon they felt God drawing them back to Manitoba and specifically Winnipeg. 

In July of 2018 they moved back to Winnipeg, MB., with the intention of starting a church or taking a church that needed a pastor. They felt like this transition would happen within a year. Well, God was right and proved Himself strong on their behalf. While visiting a friend’s church in November 2018, Solid Rock Ministries Church in Portage la Prairie, pastor’s Will and Dorothy became aware of a church need of a pastor.

February 2019 became the starting point for their journey in serving families.  After pastoring four two years and stabilizing the church, it was time for a name change and the release of the vision for Rock Christian Assembly. Join them in their adventures with God and see what God has in store for you. 

You know it will be good. Because God is so Good.