Holding onto the Joy of the Lord

A friend recently shared a victory that demands more praise than we give it.

We often consider it a victory when we win something we didn’t have before. But what about when we simply don’t lose? What about when we don’t let the enemy take what God has generously given to us?

My friend shared that while going through a difficult time, he chose to hang onto the joy that is in Jesus Christ. Instead of giving into the fear and worry that had so easily come in the past, he chose to speak God’s Word over the situation and trust in God
to handle the difficulty. The situation, though riddled with hardship, was sorted out. The problems were solved and the task at hand was fully completed with favorable results.

In looking back at the victory, he saw that he did not fret, become anxious or sick with worry over what was to come, but instead moved forward in the joy that God had given him.

This is a hugely praiseworthy event! When we make steps toward receiving all that God has given us and we don’t let go, the victory is ours.

“My joy was not stolen.”

How sweet is the rejoicing sound of a brother or sister as they hold onto what is rightfully theirs in Christ! After going through the battle with God, they look up to find that they indeed have won. The joy of the Lord was their strength, and they are victorious.

Praise God for His victorious faithfulness!

Nehemiah 8:10 (part)AMP

… And do not be worried, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and your stronghold.”

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